We use visualization as a petri dish to study intelligence augmentation: how can computation help amplify our cognition and creativity, while respecting our agency?

Research Themes

Visualization Design Tools

We develop languages, systems, and interfaces for creating common and custom interactive visualizations.

Machine Learning Interpretability

We design metrics and interfaces for visually analyzing models, and study human-AI interaction.

Accessible Visualization Design

In collaboration with people with visual disabilities, we explore textual and screen reader modalities for representing data.

Cognitively Convivial Information

We study how people understand, discuss, and interact with visualizations, to build more general behavioral rules for information, or an information “physics”.



Angie was named a 2024 Apple Scholars in AIML! Congrats Angie!!


Arvind was named a 2024 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow


Two papers this summer: Saliency Cards at ACM FAccT 2023 and VisText at ACL 2023. VisText was recognized with an Outstanding Paper Award.


Arvind gave a seminar talk at Stanford on Intelligence Augmentation through the Lens of Interactive Data Visualizing, reflecting on the group’s work in the context of large language models.


Two papers at CHI 2023: Kaleidoscope for semantically-grounded context-specific evaluation of ML models; and Deimos, a grammar for visualization morphs in immersive environments.


Huge congratulations to Dr. Harini Suresh for a masterclass PhD defense and for successfully submitting her PhD dissertation!


Congratulations to Jonathan for being named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science!


Congratulations to Arvind for being recognized with a VGTC Significant New Researcher Award at IEEE VIS 2022!


Congratulations to Jonathan for being named an inaugural MIT Morningside Academy of Design Fellow!


Congratulations to newly-minted Dr. Crystal Lee, the Visualization Group’s very first PhD graduate, who gave a tour-de-force thesis presentation!